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get to know our school staff. we're all here to help.

our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. they maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

the principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. if you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

school staff 2020


  • mr b ellevsen 

deputy principal

  • Years 7 & 9 - Mrs R Allen 

deputy principal

  • Years 8 & 12 - Mrs E Sayed-Rich 

deputy principal

  • Years 10 & 11 - Mr L Meagher 

teaching staff

head teachers

  • administration - mr k newman 
  • administration - mrs l ferraro 
  • welfare - ms b stone
  • english - ms e haag 
  • mathematics - ms n vickery 
  • science / agriculture - mrs a hanna
  • human society and its environment - mrs y mazoudier
  • learning support - mrs d cooper
  • Teaching & Learning - Mrs J Rogers
  • technical and applied studies - mr b monger
  • creative and performing arts - ms j almond (relieving)
  • personal development health and physical education - mr m robinson
  • languages - mr m robinson
  • vocational education and training - mrs l blanche
  • careers - mrs j brown
  • Counsellor - Mrs J Hackett & Ms K Davis
  • school chaplain - mr j erskine
  • special religious education teacher - mr j erskine

year advisors

  • Yr12 - Mrs C Basford & Mr L Colella
  • Yr11 - Ms J Almond & Ms C O'Donnell 
  • Yr10 - Ms N Ryan & Mr A Bean  
  • Yr9 -   Ms M Ready &  Mr C Cole 
  • Yr8 -   Mr A Staines & Ms L Northover
  • Yr7 -  Mr L Ensor & Mrs H Barrie


head teacher : mrs a hanna

teachers : mr bean, mr colella, mr constance, mrs hanna, ms karoubas, mr mcneill, ms ready, mr cole, mr carpenter, mrs rogers, ms liley, mr woodcroft


head teacher : ms e haag 

teachers: mrs h barrie, mrs k chapman, mrs n hennessey, mrs n mason, mr l meagher, mrs m waugh, mr l ensor, ms d gardiner, mrs e sayed-rich, ms e boulmetis, mrs t raptis, ms n porathur joseph, mrs c riley


head teacher: mrs vickery

teachers: ms carroll, mr el masri, mrs ghosh, mrs harris, mrs moore, mrs o'donnell, ms pyliotis, ms a katsiris, mrs c hamilton, ms m daher, mr j dengate, mrs l peculis

human society and its environment

head teacher: mrs y mazoudier 

teachers: ms blaylock, ms garden, mrs hamilton, mrs monir, ms northover, mrs prince, ms scevity, mr staines, ms h fenemore, mrs summerfield and mrs wearring.

personal development, health and physical education

head teacher: mr m robinson 

teachers: mrs r allen, mrs c basford, mr k newman (sports coordinator), mr p phease (sports coordinator), mrs j hely, mrs r merola, mrs k rae, mrs s robinson.

creative and performing arts 

head teacher: ms j almond (relieving) 

teachers: ms j almond, mr a bradney, mrs m colliss, ms a masi, mrs e imer, ms e millington, mr s riorden, ms i falciola

technological and applied studies 

head teacher: mr b monger 

teachers: mrs n o'keefe, mrs j liley, ms n rozga, mr o herbert, mr t fortunato, mrs s kendrick, ms n ryan, mr e johnson, mrs l blanche, mr c lustre, ms s monaghan, ms t wood.

langauges other than english 

teachers: mrs l ferraro, mrs n sayed and ms l ursino

learning support 

head teacher: mrs d cooper 

teacher: mrs d cooper (teacher librarian), mrs latimore (careers adviser), mrs nelson (teacher librarian), mr gregory (library), mrs la rosa (english as a second language / dialect teacher), mrs hennessy (learning and support teacher), mrs wakely (learning and support teacher), mrs d dounas (learning centre), mrs f ayad (english as a second language / dialect teacher), mrs j hackett (counsellor), ms k davis (counsellor)